Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ashi--a little black girl

Ashi was being very affectionate this morning. Her way of being affectionate was to lie on her back, grab my hand with her paws, and give it a few licks. Could she possibly know that it is exactly one year since she came here? I was to keep her for a week or ten days, but here she is still!
She and Nandu are good friends, they are meant to live with the other outside kitties, but come in at times.
Ashi was found as a tiny kitten with her eyes still shut. She was rescued by two young men, engineering college students, who kept her in their hostel and reared her on milk fed through a dropper, and boiled eggs. She survived, but by the time she was two months old, they were not sure how to continue to take care of her. The hostel administration had got to know and wanted her out. They posted her picture on a local website, and got an offer of adoption—-but the person concerned would take her after about ten days. Meanwhile they were leaving for their Divali vacations. I offered her a temporary home. Ashi arrived on the evening of 21 October 2014, on a motorbike! She was held tightly by the young man seated behind, while the other drove the bike. She was shivering, scared and cold, but survived the journey safely, a distance of 15-20 km. Once here, she perked up and settled down for her temporary stay.
But no one adopted her, neither the person who had promised to, nor anyone else. So here she is still.
Ashi is a very friendly cat. She is not shy, and greets everyone, and does not fight with other cats. She doesn’t meow much, and has a very sweet soft voice.
She has some oddities though. Wires and woollens are not safe with her! She neatly chops wires in two, and can’t resist woollens. It takes her just a few unobserved minutes to chew her way through them.

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