Friday, July 3, 2015

Remembering Sweetie’s visit to the vet

I just read an article about a rise in lost cats, because of their carriers breaking. I was reminded of when Sweetie’s carrier broke.
Sweetie is 12 years old, but her last visit to the vet was when she was six. This was in another city, and it was so traumatic [for me at least!] that I decided not to take her again.
The problem was not that Sweetie escaped, but that she refused to get out of her carrier. She retreated to the furthest point, and braced her feet in the corners, so that no one could pull her out. When neither I nor the vet’s assistants could budge her, they decided to unscrew the top of the carrier--but in the process the carrier broke! I had to hang on to her by her fur. We had come in a taxi, and getting her back home in a broken carrier was a real problem. The carrier was somehow tied up in string. Now Sweetie, when she wants can open some carriers, and even chew through them, and is so strong that no one can hold her. Fortunately I managed to get her home safely, and she has never been to the vet again, though one has visited her at home. After that, whenever we had to travel, she was on a harness and in a double carrier, that is, a smaller one inside a larger one. If one breaks or opens, there is a second carrier for safety.

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