Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hug Your Cat Day

Hug Your Cat Day was on 4 June. It is primarily celebrated in North America and Europe. Alternative days for its celebration are 3 May and 30 May. It is meant to remind people of the benefits of living with cats.
Can we start a special ‘hug your cat day’ in India?
Some rules---Do not hug a cat you are not familiar with. Regarding your own cat, you will know whether or not it likes being hugged. Of my two indoor cats, Sweetie has to be in the right mood, Minty loves being hugged. Of the outdoor ones, I can try it with Mitzi for a short time. Nandu loves it, but gets really boisterous.
A recipe for a special treat of cookies for your cat. [I found it on the internet, but modified it slightly].
Mix mashed sardines with a small amount of milk powder and flour, shape them into balls, flatten, and bake! [This is only for a treat, and not for everyday. More on appropriate food later. ]

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