Monday, June 1, 2015

Nandu--a black cat

Nandu arrived on the night of 25 October. The bell at the gate rang around 9 pm. When I went out to see who it was, a scrawny black kitten was handed to me over the gate. Dogs were after it, I was told, as I took the little one and brought him inside. Nandu joined two other black kittens who had arrived that week. Why was I being showered with black kittens? I wasn’t sure. I had offered to keep little Ashi for a week--more on her elsewhere. A tiny sick furry was handed over for foster care by the local shelter, but she survived only till the end of the month.
Nandu looked as if he was starving. All his ribs were showing. He was terrified, hissing and spitting. He was put into a carrier, gobbled some Whiskas and drank some water, before I left him for the night. The two others were nearby. In the morning he soon made friends with Ashi and Furry, but was far too rough for Furry. We were all depressed when Furry died on my lap on the 31st--she had eaten a little food the previous night, but of course she was already quite ill, paralysed.
Ashi and Nandu were then inseparable. Nandu had a poor digestion, but just couldn’t stop eating! He was very sick one day, but recovered after a trip to the vet.
Gradually they grew up together, and now they are nine months old. Ashi was bigger to start with, but today Nandu is twice her size. He has developed a raucous male voice too, and bullies Mini and Maxi. I am still looking for a good vet to sterilise them all. From the time they came to me, I have posted their pictures and searched for a home for them, with no luck. Just a few days ago, I met a father and daughter who almost promised to take him--it seemed like a really good home. But just after that a medical emergency in the family, ended the possibility of his adoption.
Nandu is still looking for a good indoor home, preferably along with Ashi. He is shy of strangers, but loves to sit on my lap and be cuddled.

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