Sunday, June 7, 2015

My cat companions

Indoor cats:
Sweetie: most precious, beautiful grey and white girl, 12 years old.
Minty: 4 years old, a calico cat who meows a lot and is a bit crazy, but loves to cuddle and sit on my lap.

Outside cats:Muffin: two year old female tabby. She likes to roam and is very good at catching mice, birds, etc. These days she is not keen on roaming, probably scared by a dog next door, and to some extent by Pixie [rescued dog] in the front garden, and by a large tom cat.
Mitzi: one year old female. She wants to come in, but unfortunately gets into terrible fights with Minty. Muffin and Mitzi have the same mother, who stays nearby.
Mini and Maxi: twin boys, 9 months old, sons of Muffin,.
Nandu: black woolly boy, nine months old, but bigger and fatter than all the others. Very good natured and loving, but bullies the other cats.
Ashi: black female, nine months old, loves to play, and to eat. Bites if she gets angry!

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